Best proposal ideas Valentines 2023

Valentines Day marriage proposals are so popular, they have their very own dedicated decor for the special day.  There is of course the classic red roses option, however if you want to be more creative, check out our list of V-day proposal ideas.  We think they will sweep your significant other off their feet!

The LED light up Marry Me letters are a very special prop for your surprise engagement.  Dazzle your partner as they walk into the room, they will be surprised with the light-up-letters.  It's the perfect Instagrammable moment!

A cute way to propose this Valentines Day, is with a bear.  This keep-sake souvenir is the sweetest way to show your love to your sweetheart.   

Another option is with the Valentines Day party decor.  Create your home full of love or wherever you are thinking of proposing.  It will create the perfect environment to pop that BIG question.

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